About the company

Over 45 years of experience in the power industry, Brametal projects all kinds of optimized steel transmission structures. With three modern industrial units in Brazil, located in Linhares/Espírito Santo, Criciúma/Santa Catarina and Sabará/Minas Gerais, with an overhall capacity to produce up to 180,000 tons/year.

Recently, the company has added three new products to its catalog for the renewable energy market: Lattice Towers for Wind Generators, structures for Photovoltaic Panels and Steel Monotubular Towers.

Brametal is a 100% Brazilian company, with all its products registered in FINAME (BNDES), which facilitates obtaining Brazilian government credit line concessions. In addition, it is registered in DUN & BRADSTREET’S worldwide database.

All of the company’s technical procedures and controls meet the requirements of the international quality standard ISO9001.

Board of Directors and shareholders


Ricardo Minato Brandão

President of the Council

Executive Management

James Guerreiro

President Director

R. Bonatto

Industrial Director

Alexandre Schmidt

Commercial and Marketing Director

Alex Teodoro Sandi

Administrative and Financial Director

Socio-institutional Actions

Brametal supports social projects with incentives arising from the Tax Waiver Law, in the areas of sports, culture and health.


Using incentives created by the Brazilian Tax Waiver Law, Brametal supports sports, culture and health linked with social projects. The ACV – Champions of Life Association is one of those inicitatives. In Linhares/ES, Headquarter of the enterprise, Brametal sponsors ACV which guarantees the rights of children and adolescents, listed in the Federal Constitution and in the Statute of Children and Adolescents. It also develops the Capixaba Football Academy – ACF, a project whose guiding principles are teaching the fundamentals of the concept of citizenship to children and adolescents enabling them to establish concepts and values, such as cooperation, solidarity, community participation, teamwork, leadership, self – esteem, rights and obligations, health and quality of life. This is Brametal contributing to the formation of an ethical and responsible and healthy citizen.

In Linhares-ES it also supports projects assisted by the Municipal Fund for the Rights of the Elderly, which benefits regularly registered Civil Society Organizations with the Municipal Council for the Rights of the Elderly – CMDPI. One of those is Lar do Idoso Abrigo de Luz.

In the region of Sabará/MG, the local unit, sponsors the Sara Foundation, whose mission is “Provide social assistance to children and adolescents with cancer and be an agent of PROMOTION OF KNOWLEDGE and IMPROVEMENT OF ONCOLOGICAL TREATMENT”.

In Criciuma-SC, it supports the Bairro da Juventude project, which offers psychosocial assistance service for children, adolescents, young people and their families, with specialized technical staff that performs many types of interventions: personal care, guidance, lectures, family mediations, workgroups, home visits, and referrals to the labor market, to the municipal social assistance network and to medical specialties.



In 2017, Brametal was considered the best industry in Espírito Santo, according to an evaluation by IEL / Findes.
In the 2017 edition of Valor (a Brazilian business magazine), it gets de 882th position.


  • Foundation of the company by the engineers Ayrton de Matos Brandão and his son Eng. Ricardo Brandão in Criciúma-SC.

  • First power transmission tower sold.

  • First export sale covering a transmission line.

  • Historical sale of 530 tons.

  • Inauguration of a unit in Linhares-ES.

  • Inauguration of the new galvanizing line.

  • Inauguration of the test station in Linhares.

  • First delivery with packaging per component.

  • Launching of structures for wind power generation – towers for wind

  • Launching of structures for photovoltaic solar energy generation.

  • Design, manufacture and test of the first 800kv tower in America.

  • Inauguration of offices in São Paulo.

  • Purchase of Tector and inauguration of a unit in Sabará-MG.

  • Installation of the largest hot dip galvanizing tank in Brazil at the Linhares-ES plant.

  • Launching of monotubular structures for support and transmission of electric



Brametal S.A.

Rodovia Governador Mário Covas, km 163, s/n, Área Rural de Linhares Linhares/ES • Brasil CEP 29.900-970 • Caixa Postal 195
+55 (27) 2103-9400

Brametal Sul Metalurgica LTDA

Avenida Boa Vista, 301, Cidade Mineira Criciúma/SC • Brasil CEP 88.806-450
+55 (48) 3461-9300

Brametal MG Metalurgica LTDA

Avenida B, 201, Distrito Industrial Simão da Cunha Sabará/MG • Brasil CEP: 34.735-020
+55 (31) 2126-7800



(+55) 27 2103-9400 [email protected]

Commercial and Marketing

(+55) 27 2103-9430 [email protected]


(+55) 27 2103-9444 [email protected]

Human Resources

(+55) 27 2103-2432 [email protected]


(+55) 27 2103-9400 [email protected]

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