From the design through manufacture

Brametal also manufactures fire galvanized poles which, depending on their size, are called Monotubular Metallic Towers. They are manufactured in modules up to 12m in length, with steel plates up to one inch thick, and can reach 1550mm in diameter.

They are intended for use in densely urbanized areas and may be installed on sidewalks, central roadways and avenues or other locations which limited space restrict the use of lattice towers. The modules can, depending on the customers needs, be connected by flanged or slip joint systems, ensuring greater savings and agility in the assembly process.

The solutions for transmission provided by Brametal offer several benefits such as:
  • Simplified logistics, ideal for locations of difficult access.
  • Assembly that does not require special equipment.
  • Foundations of easy execution.
  • Ideal for urban area due to modern aesthetics.
  • It uses less space in public locations.
  • Easy and quick assembly.

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