Solar Power


Our fixed-tilt structure line consist of structures that can be single posts, with one foundation per section, or double posts, with two foundations per section. The inclination of the fixed-tilt supports varies according to the location where the racking system will be installed. Specific requirements of each project are met by Brametal’s own engineering, providing calculation and detail drawings for every solution.

Depending on the scale of the project, our solution can be customized or standardized, the latter, simply called BRAFIX, with material for prompt delivery.

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Solar Tracker

Solar tracker mounting systems can move up to 600 solar modules with a single drive set with the multi-row option, or 60 modules with the single row option.

Our system features frequency-changing electric actuator, positioning sensor, remote web server, monitoring and operation system, astronomical positioning software and automatic wind protection functionality via anemometer. The system, including power supply, control and communication devices, is protected against lightning surges.

Brametal’s solar energy solutions offer several benefits such as:
  • Fast delivery throughout the country
  • Simple and fast field installation
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Designed according to the need
  • Easier to obtain funding

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