Brametal portfolio offers a complete engineering and design services, which includes design calculation, detailing and bill of materials elaboration. For all those tasks, it has an experienced and highly qualified team in its engineering office, located in the city of São Paulo, specialized in steel towers for Power Transmission and Distribution lines, Substation and Telecommunications Structures and Power Generation Structures Electricity for renewable sources such as Wind Energy and Photovoltaic Solar Energy.


For the validation of the detailing and calculation of the projects, loading tests are necessary in some cases. Regarding those necessities at one of our Test Stations, a full-scale prototype is subjected to destructive or non-destructive loading test. These tests can be performed on structures designed by Brametal or by one of our business partners.
The tests simulate real conditions for the towers in the field, including wind loads, cable weights, stresses from the construction and maintenance phases, as well as possible line failures such as conductor cable breakage and lightning rods.
Brametal has two test stations in Brazil, one in Criciúma/SC and one in Linhares/ES. This last one is one of the four (4) existing in the world capable to test towers up to 80m high.


Las soluciones en tecnología suministradas por Brametal poseen diversos beneficios como:
  • Calculations and drawings done by experts
  • Procedures with strict quality control
  • Load test on the prototype

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