From the design through manufacture

Brametal offers a complete engineering and project service, including calculation and development of design drawings and list of material. To do this, Brametal has a highly experienced and qualified team in its engineering department expert in metallic towers for transmission lines and distribution of electric power, structures for substations and telecommunication, located in the city of São Paulo.

Load tests

Brametal has two test stations in Brazil, one located in the city of Linhares/ES that has the capacity to test towers up to 80m in height and the other in Criciúma/SC. The tests simulate the working conditions of the towers in the field, including wind loads, cable weight, efforts from the Construction and Operation & Maintenance phases, as well as possible failures in line, such as break of conductor cables and lightning rods.


Las soluciones en tecnología suministradas por Brametal poseen diversos beneficios como:
  • Cálculos y dibujos hechos por especialistas.
  • Procedimientos con control de calidad.
  • Pruebas de carga del prototipo.

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